29 Apr 2013

Former Solomons' politician speaks out about slush fund abuse

5:19 am on 29 April 2013

A former provincial premier in Solomon Islands says there is no doubt that constituency development funds are abused and he wants a re-think on how they are allocated.

Under recent changes each MP will get nearly three quarters of a million US dollars annually to spend as they see fit in their electorates.

But former Temotu Province premier, Johnson Levela, says much of the money goes to projects that are short lived and of little value.

He says the funds could have a real impact at the rural level if routed through established agencies.

But Mr Levela says much of the money is wasted by MPs using it to curry support.

"Given the nature of the involvement of the MPs you cannot deny the fact that the so called projects that are being funded by these development funds are largely projects belonging to the key supporters of these members."