24 Apr 2013

Fiji's SODELPA disputes computer errors claim by Elections Office

4:23 am on 24 April 2013

A member of Fiji's proposed Social Democratic Liberal Party, SODELPA, says the anomalies in their application for party registration are significantly below the statistical error that could be expected.

The registration of parties is still ongoing with the first three parties to apply, including SODELPA, given more time to explain how a number of people have been incorrectly included as party members.

SODELPA's Dr Tupeni Baba says they are mostly the results of computer errors, some made by the Elections Office.

He says the intention of the Registration Decree was to make it very difficult for political parties to exist.

"These kinds of things are so small. We were required to have 5,000 people [members] within 28 days and three of the main parties registered around about 26,000 in 28 days. There's bound to be some error and they are making a big thing about these errors but they don't even provide us a copy of the provisional roll like we normally have before."

Dr Tupeni Baba.

The Elections Office says it did provide the roll, but Dr Baba says this was just for one day.