24 Apr 2013

Vanuatu MP says remote areas keen to benefit from political stability

4:29 am on 24 April 2013

The MP for Tafea Outer Islands in Vanuatu says remote parts of the country would likely benefit from political stability in the national parliament.

Tesei John Nawai represents constituents in some of Vanuatu's most remote parts and says that successive governments have struggled to deliver basic services to them due to shortcomings in transportation, communication and human resources.

He says frequent changes of government haven't helped either.

"Because every time a new government gets in, he had some plans in place. So when he's toppled over, another one comes in, he didn't take that plan or carry it on but changes it to suit his own policies. So that's another obstacle."

Tesei John Nawai is a member of Vanuatu's new government led by Moana Carcasses and says the administration should be given a chance to see if it is able to improve service delivery.