23 Apr 2013

Guam families seek compensation for 2004 drownings

3:53 pm on 23 April 2013

The Guam Compensation Commission has heard claims from the families of five employees of Guam Seawalker Tours who died when they were swept out to sea nine years ago.

The Pacific Daily News says the families are seeking 100 thousand US dollars compensation from the company for each of the men.

But Guam Seawalker Tours say they are not liable for the deaths because the employees were using company kayaks for their own pleasure, which was not within the scope of their employment.

According to testimony given at the hearing, the employees were using the kayaks while they were waiting for a water blaster to arrive so they could clean a pontoon.

But the men were swept out in rough seas and only three bodies have ever been recovered.

The commission is expected to announce its decision in the next few weeks.