23 Apr 2013

Fiji party registration delay a political ploy, says Baba

3:44 pm on 23 April 2013

A member of Fiji's proposed Social Democratic Liberal Party, SODELPA, says the Bainimarama regime may be planning an early election and that that is behind continuing delays in the registering of political parties.

A registration process that was to due to be completed weeks ago has been extended on several occasions, mostly for the proposed parties to explain anomalies arising from the people they have signed up.

The Registrar of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, says no decision on the applications will be made until the all the particulars are in.

SODELPA's Dr Tupeni Baba says their anomalies, which were all incidental, have been addressed.

He says the delays are an attempt to throw dirt on political parties.

"And not register the political parties quick enough because there is a possibility for them that they will call a snap election while the political parties are not ready. So, it's all political."

Dr Tupeni Baba.

Early election rumours have been circulating since last week but Commodore Bainimarama is quoted by the Fiji Sun saying the election will go ahead as planned in September 2014.