24 Apr 2013

Teacher performance-based pay in Hawaii will cause division - teacher

4:26 am on 24 April 2013

A teacher in Hawaii is disappointed at new teacher contracts, saying many colleagues she's spoken to believe it will create division among peers.

After two years, an agreement was finally signed last week between teachers and the state, which includes a new performance based pay and annual evaluation system, as well as small pay rises.

Amy Perruso, who teaches at Mililani High School, says the pay rise compensation is tiny compared to the financial losses some teachers have suffered over the past two years.

And says the evaluation system is more likely to end up devaluing those in the profession.

"My fear is that the use of this new evaluation tool will further contribute to the kind of demoralisation of teachers and begin to pit teachers against each other."

Amy Perruso.

The new deal takes effect July 1, in time for the start of the school year.