23 Apr 2013

No progress in Nauru political standoff

1:56 pm on 23 April 2013

The fractious Nauru parliament met briefly this morning but could not consider any business because a new Speaker was not elected.

Two attempts by MPs to meet last week were stymied by the lack of a quorum.

A government official says that today there were enough MPs in the House but no one was nominated or offered to become Speaker to replace Ludwig Scotty, who resigned last week.

A stalemate has dominated Nauru's politics for the past two months with the President Sprent Dabwido having lost majority support.

Earlier reports that Parliament would automatically dissolve this week, with elections to be held in late May, were not correct.

A government spokesperson says a proposal for dissolution would first need to be debated and this cannot happen without a Speaker, so the impaase could continue for some weeks.