22 Apr 2013

CNMI's Rota island hopes to create bottled water industry

1:07 pm on 22 April 2013

A Northern Marianas Senator says the territory's economy could receive a major boost if a private company's plan to export bottled water from the island of Rota comes to fruition.

Jovita Taimanao says the island has a water cave with fresh, natural water and she hopes this resource will be used to create a new industry for Rota.

The Senator says as soon as work to develop the harbour to accommodate larger ships is completed in 2014, the water will hopefully be ready to export.

"The natural resources will be a very good trade as an export to other countries. Not only the neighbouring islands but further on like to New Zealand, the mainland USA or Japan. So that is one that is a promising resource for the island."

Jovita Taimanao says the CNMI economy is very dependent on tourism and the bottled water plans could help the CNMI integrate with the global economy.