22 Apr 2013

Economy can't support increase in Solomons MPs' payouts says Transparency

5:13 am on 22 April 2013

Transparency Solomon Islands says there is no money in the economy for what it describes as the huge increase in payouts to MPs leaving parliament.

The Parliamentary Entitlements Commission has approved the increase from 14,000 US dollars to 56,000 US dollars for parliamentarians finishing their four-year term.

The government must secure 2.8 million US dollars to meet its obligation for the 50 exiting MPs, something the commission's chairman says parliament will need to debate.

But Transparency's executive officer, Daniel Fenua, says the commission has not taken all factors into the equation.

"They're supposed to look at the critical perfomance of the economy that we are having at the moment. We are a developing country, we very much rely on aid donors. And if you look out there, the teachers and the nurses are crying out for a payrise but yet, their issue's just ignored by the government."

Daniel Fenua says the government is more focused on filling MPs' pockets than providing the country with essential services.