18 Apr 2013

Samoa company awarded more compensation over forced move

3:55 pm on 18 April 2013

A Samoa company forced to shift from its government-leased premises in the Sogi area of Apia in 2009 has been awarded compensation of almost 180-thousand US dollars.

Siva Afi Design, which operated an entertainment center, restaurant and bar at the site, was only halfway through its 20-year lease when it had to make way for a multi-story complex known as the Tui Atua Tamasese Efi building.

Talamua Online reports that last August, after a two-year battle, the court awarded the company compensation of just over 40-thousand US dollars.

But Siva Afi argued that amount was not enough to cover its relocation costs and took the case to appeal in November.

Siva Afi 's lawyer Leulua'iali'i Olinda Woodruff says the Government erred when it signed a lease agreement for 20 years knowing there were plans for the land.