16 Apr 2013

Marshall Islands agriculture project expands beyond capital atoll

3:08 pm on 16 April 2013

An agriculture project designed to create food security in the Marshall Islands has expanded beyond the capital, Majuro.

The first phase of the project, sponsored by the Taiwanese Embassy, has been completed in Majuro Atoll and the second phase has been launched in Kwajalein Atoll, Mejit Island and Mili Atoll.

The Ministry of Agriculture's Assistant Chief of agriculture, quarantine and livestock, Karness Kusto, says the project is aimed at teaching farmers various techniques including composting, preparing animal feed and garden management.

"The objective of this is to have these farmers and their families stay healthy and so that they can create subsistence, instead of getting their vegetables from the store they can produce their own. And then if they have access, they can sell them and there's income to them."

Karness Kusto says Taiwan has committed to providing 50,000 US dollars to fund the project in Kwajalein, Mejut and Mili.