15 Apr 2013

Fiji impersonation claims rejected by proposed party

2:47 pm on 15 April 2013

Fiji's proposed National Federation Party has denied claims it was involved in impersonations when it registered members in Kadavu.

This comes after the Registrar of Political Parties has given three proposed parties until Friday to explain what he calls anomalies in their applications.

The proposed parties filed their papers in mid-February as part of efforts to stand in the elections promised for next year.

Under the terms of a new decree, they had to provide the names of at least 5,000 members Fiji-wide.

One party, the once ruling SDL, disbanded after the regime banned acronyms based on Fijian words and re-applied under the name Sodelpa.

The Fiji Labour Party also re-applied, but so far no application has been approved by the Registrar.