11 Apr 2013

CNMI govt awards contract for local landfill

11:15 am on 11 April 2013

An estimated 2-point-1 million US dollar contract to operate and maintain the Marpi landfill in the Northern Marianas for at least three years has been awarded to the Tang Corporation.

The Inos administration, however, continues to explore the viability of a waste-to-energy program that some lawmakers also support, not only to help lower utility costs but also to prolong the Marpi landfill's lifespan.

The three-year Marpi landfill contract of some 700,000 US dollars a year could be extended for up to two more years.

Meanwhile the Saipan Tribune reports two other government projects totalling almost 6 million dollars US have faced snags, after losing contractors filed procurement protests now under review by Finance's Division of Procurement and Supply.

These include the estimated Saipan traffic light system upgrade and Cross Island Road Improvement Project.