11 Apr 2013

CNMI not under threat but precautions needed - governor

11:00 am on 11 April 2013

The Governor of the Northern Marianas says the CNMI is not under threat but precautionary steps are now being taken to prepare for any emergency related to North Korea's threats to attack its neighbors, including Guam

The Obama administration calculates it is likely that North Korea may test-fire mobile ballistic missiles "at any time."

Governor Eloy Inos and Lieutinent Governor Jude Hofschneider convened their Cabinet late yesterday afternoon for an emergency preparedness briefing.

The Governor says the CNMI is not presently under any threat but said that his administration is trying to do every precaution and be ready in an event that a real threat comes the CNMI's way.

The CNMI Office of the Governor will issue information when there is any change in the situation.