10 Apr 2013

Fiji unions accuse top military officer of decree breach

5:11 pm on 10 April 2013

The Fiji Trades Union Congress has accused a senior military officer of violating regime decrees by advocating his political views.

This comes after the military chief of staff Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz told the Fiji Sun that the military would give Commodore Frank Bainimarama its support to continue as leader after the election promised for next year.

The Congress says Decree number 4 bans political activity that may compromise or be seen to compromise the political neutrality of that person's office.

It says the Director of Public Prosecutions or anyone in authority is yet to investigate and charge the officer for violating the decree.

The Congress also says no one in Fiji is fooled by what it calls the constant campaigning that the Prime Minister is conducting at the taxpayers' costs while at the same time ensuring that no other political party exists.

Last week, Commodore Bainimarama said his new political party would be launched early next year and be made up of members of the current government.

People in Fiji are subject to hefty fines or imprisonment if they purport to be speaking as a political party unless it has been registered.