2 Apr 2013

Solomons govt to approach NZ over future uprisings

8:08 pm on 2 April 2013

The Solomon Islands Government is to approach the New Zealand Government about engaging its defence force if there are future uprisings.

The Police and National Security Minister, Chris Laore, was responding to a question in Parliament about who will step in with the Regional Assistance Mission winding down its military presence in the country.

Mr Laore says his government will also hold the same discussion with Canberra about using the Australian Defence Force.

He says local and RAMSI police, along with the Defence forces of New Zealand and Australia, would be capable of quelling troubles that may arise in Solomon Islands in the future.

The former prime minister Danny Philip called on the government to reveal its policy for ensuring sustainable peace and unity after RAMSI's departure.

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo says all Solomon Islanders are responsible for ensuring the country has a peaceful future.

He says people from all walks of life must not become careless by tampering with the relative peace the country has been enjoying.