26 Mar 2013

Bainimarama says Fiji needs to move away from dishonest politics

10:33 am on 26 March 2013

Fiji's Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama says people should not be misled by certain politicians and non-government organisations, whom he accused of trying to sow the seeds of fear and mistrust.

He made the comment during the opening of the new nursing staff quarters at Korovisilou just outside Suva.

Commodore Bainimarama told Fiji Live the country needed to move further away from dishonest politics, corruption and the divisions of its past.

He said he was pleased to see intelligent, thoughtful and vigorous discussions had already begun to take place on the draft Constitution.

He said in the next few days, the government will be publishing explanatory notes on each section, laying out what they mean, in order to make the new Draft Constitution more understandable for ordinary Fijians.

He added this is a Constitution for a new Fiji, a Fiji in which the rights of everyone are protected irrespective of the economic status, religion, age or gender.