25 Mar 2013

Multi-ethnic political parties desired according to Fiji survey

6:41 am on 25 March 2013

One of the researchers into national identity in Fiji says most of the 300 people surveyed support the idea of multi-ethnic political parties.

The Reverend James Bhagwan while there is some resistance to using the term Fijian for everybody as it has been decreed, most of those surveyed say the time is right for a common identity for both native and indo Fijians.

He says multi-racial political representation is one of the survey's key recommendations.

"One person one vote, Not based on any ethnic lines. People now acknowledge that for what ever political parties do run in the next election, really it is very important that they are inclusive of all ethnic groups. And that is something that we see is a major step forward in the changing perception of things in Fiji."

Reverend Bhagwan says educating the population about each other's cultural values is an urgent challenge.