22 Mar 2013

Proposed NFP in Fiji optimistic with release of draft constitution

3:08 pm on 22 March 2013

The president of the proposed National Federation Party says he is happy a draft constitution has been released.

The regime released a draft document on Thursday night, calling for feedback from the Fiji people over the next two weeks.

Raman Singh says he is disappointed a constituent assembly has been abolished because there will be no chance of debating the draft, and he doubts the public's opinions will result in any changes.

But he is optimistic.

"It is I think sufficient to start off the process of democracy. It provides for elections and government formed after elections, after heeding the people's wishes. So I think it's a start of processes there. And once a new parliament comes in, they can look at all the provisions there."

Raman Singh says he does not believe the changes to the constitutional process will have any bearing on the re-registration of political parties and is confident the proposed NFP will succeed in its application.