22 Mar 2013

Heightened stated of alert in Guam over North Korea aggression

7:03 pm on 22 March 2013

Guam is in a state of heightened alert over threats from North Korea of military strikes against the United States territory, which hosts American military bases.

Military tensions on the Korean peninsula are at their highest in years, with Pyongyang expressing anger at the use of US bombers and submarines in ongoing joint military drills with South Korea.

North Korea has no proven long-range missile capability that would allow it to hit targets on Guam but the director for the military build-up programme says people are concerned about the threats.

Mark Calvo, says while there has been reassurance from Guam's representative to the US Congress about protection of the territory, there has been no official word from the US government.

"For the most part, US reassurances is what a majority of the Guamanians would like to see because our island and the people have been very patriotic and have served the country in whatever capacity they needed us to."