19 Mar 2013

Samoa government leaked cabinet decision reveals free electricity and director's loans

3:02 pm on 19 March 2013

The Samoa cabinet has issued a directive for all Ministries and Corporations to stop approving loans for directors and staff from public money.

It says there is no justification under the regulations used to process salaries and benefits.

The leaked cabinet decision published in a local newspaper has also revealed a direction to all government bodies to submit to cabinet reports of current loans to directors and staff as well as to cease and ban life insurances for directors and staff of ministries and corporations.

It also directs the management of the government owned Electric Power Corporation to cease giving out free power units to its directors, staff and others who are currently getting this benefit.

The cabinet has also decided to ban using government assets and money for funerals of staff relatives including those who hold top government positions in ministries and corporations.