19 Mar 2013

Sport: Fa'arodo to be coach Solomon Islands in one-off game

11:34 am on 19 March 2013

Solomon Islands captain Henry Fa'arodo admits he's on a bit of a coaching crash-course ahead of Friday's Oceania World Cup football qualifier in Tahiti.

Due to financial difficulties, the Solomon Islands Football Federation are not sending a full-strength team to Papeete.

Instead, a New Zealand based squad, coached by Fa'arodo, will make the trip, while head coach Jacob Moli prepares a locally-based team for Tuesday's match against New Zealand in Honiara.

Fa'arodo says his first foray into the coaching ranks was a last-minute decision and admits to feeling a few nerves.

"I've only played and stuff but never really speak to the team or organise the team. I've been thinking about it lately, how we're going to approach the game because now I'm not only thinking how I am going to approach the game as a player but I'm going to come up with an idea where I could put it to the boys and we can build on that and have a plan about it."

Henry Fa'arodo says the squad will assemble in Auckland on Wednesday and Wellington Phoenix striker Benjamin Totori will be involved.