18 Mar 2013

New Vanuatu Citizenship Commission warned against corruption

6:47 pm on 18 March 2013

The new members of Vanuatu's Citizenship Commission have been warned against bribery or corrupt practices.

The new chairman and members of the board were announced on Thursday, after the former commission was terminated in May last year for engaging in illegal practices, including granting full citizenship to Chinese nationals who had not met the requirements.

The Prime Minister's first political advisor Richard Kaltonnga says the new members must be honest and show responsibility for their roles.

"Ensuring that the Citizenship Commission applies its role diligently. They have to make sure that anyone who is granted citizenship has fulfilled the requirements under the law. And they've just got to clean up the face of the citizenship commission because after the last commission there was a lot of irregularities."

Richard Kaltonnga says the Prime Minister's office will be closely monitoring the actions of the new team at the Citizenship Commission.