15 Mar 2013

Fiji minister says weather and torture video factors in march cancellation

2:36 pm on 15 March 2013

Fiji's Minister of Women says last week's release of a torture video on the internet was one of the reasons for the police cancelling last Friday's marches on International Women's Day.

Dr Jiko Luveni says the weather, and the fact the march organised by the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre was due to be held at night, were also factors for the cancellation.

She says there has been no such concern for this week's government events for women as they have been scheduled during the day.

She acknowledges permission for last Friday's planned march had been given to the NGO but was then withdrawn.

"Yeah, I think it is because of that video, video release, that may have repercussions not only from the police but also from the people as well. That could have been the cause. And I think that the reason really behind it, was the security of the people that were involved in the marches."

Dr Jiko Luveni says the theme of the elimination of violence against women and girls has been reverberating throughout the nation in the last few weeks, and security people are very sensitive to the protection of women.