14 Mar 2013

New Caledonia registers 150 new dengue cases a day

6:18 pm on 14 March 2013

New Caledonia's Ministry of Health says every day 150 people are being diagnosed with dengue fever.

The head of Public Health, Dr Jean Paul Grangeon, says improved testing means everyone presenting dengue symptoms, such as high fever and body aches, has a blood test to confirm the illness.

He says the analysis has the benefits of both better vector control of mosquitos in outbreak areas and earlier treatment for patients with complications.

He says 4,600 people have contracted dengue since the season began in October last year.

"Well we're detecting biologically 150 cases a day. Which is quite a lot but we're doing it to each case so that's why there are so many cases being notified because we're going to each person who's got fever and joint pain, we're doing some analysis and blood tests and that's why we are having so many cases."

Dr Grangeon says the weekly number of people detected with the disease has been similar over the past three weeks.