11 Mar 2013

Sport: Samoa softball coach sees bright future

11:37 am on 11 March 2013

The Samoa softball coach Chris Kohlhase says the future is bright for his team.

The Tanifa were beaten 4-2 by Japan in the first playoff round on Friday and finish the tournament in a share of seventh place.

Kohlhase says a few players will retire but, with the next World Series in Sakatoon in two years time, the core of the squad will be better for the experience of the past week.

"We've got five or six guys who have just turned 20 - look they would have learnt heaps from the last seven or eight days. There's some really really tight situations to put young kids into - and sometimes it never went their way - but they would have gained a huge amount of experience just from being here and watching and learning what was going on."