11 Mar 2013

Scientist hopes to find even more new species in PNG

6:39 am on 11 March 2013

A scientist, whose team recently discovered 80 new species in the Papua New Guinea mountains, says the chance of finding more new species in the area is incredibly high.

Nathan Whitmore, from the Wildlife Conservation Society, embarked on a month-long expedition at the Hindenberg Wall in the Western Province.

He says his expedition was only carried at three sites at the Wall so the area covered was only a small fraction of what is out there.

Mr Whitmore says the area has such a unique biodiversity and hopes to return to the area to find more species of flora and fauna.

"This is only a small area in what is a very, very large and very intact landscape. There's been virtually no large scale disappearance of animals up there and one of the things about this landscape is a lot of it is limestone, and limestone often has very strange plants and animals associated with it. Should we get the opportunity again to go into this place, that's one of the areas we'll be targetting."

Nathan Whitmore from the Wildlife Conservation Society.