8 Mar 2013

US signals six-year delay in marines transfer to Guam

1:10 pm on 8 March 2013

The commander of the US Navy's Pacific Command has indicated that the transfer of marines from Japan to Guam may be completed by 2020, six years later than originally planned.

The Navy Times reports that Admiral Samuel Locklear gave the date while addressing Congress on current planning estimates about the relocation of 8,000 US marines to Guam and Hawaii from Okinawa.

Admiral Locklear encouraged Congress to expedite funding for the planned relocation of 5,000 marines to Guam.

The relocation was originally scheduled to be complete in 2014 but has met delays, in part because of questions over US funding availability and Guam's ability to handle large construction projects related to the build-up.

Guam's government says Japan is committed to contributing 3.1 billion US dollars to the build-up.