8 Mar 2013

Fiji government moves to isolate Women's Crisis Centre

2:20 pm on 8 March 2013

The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre says the government appears to be retaliating for the organisation speaking out about the video released this week which police say shows Fijian security personnel beating prisoners.

The Centre says the government has requested other women's groups to stop working with it after the police cancelled all day and night marches to mark today's International Women's Day.

The Centre's Shamima Ali says despite this, it will be going ahead with private vigils tonight to encourage women's solidarity.

"This is a payback time because we spoke out against that. I think that is what it's about. And just giving us difficulties. This morning there's been a directive from the Ministry of Women to all its women's interest offices, not to work with us anymore. So you know it's a very concerted move I believe to actually victimise us."

Shamima Ali says a vigil is not as visible as a march but will still give people a chance to meet privately and express their views.