8 Mar 2013

Tahiti decolonisation resolution substantially altered

1:32 pm on 8 March 2013

Reports from Tahiti say the planned UN resolution to back the territory's decolonisation bid has been modified substantially and a change to its status is unlikely to be voted on until later in the year.

Media in Papeete say the new draft no longer mentions the territory's re-inscription on the UN decolonisation list, there is no longer a reference to a cooperation deal for the territory's development and the reference to the Maohi people has been dropped.

The modified text asks France to intensify its dialogue with French Polynesia to speed up a process for self-determination.

The text has upheld a call for a special UN committee to prepare a report on French Polynesia to be tabled at the UN in September.

In 1947, France removed the territory from the list without consulting the population but today the opposition in Tahiti is incensed, saying there has been no vote in the territory in favour of relisting.

The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, visited New York three times in three months to lobby for the re-listing.

France has insisted that his bid was a internal French matter.