8 Mar 2013

Arrest warrants allegedly issued for former AG, deputy Police chief in CNMI

2:36 pm on 8 March 2013

Reports from the Northern Marianas say the Superior court has issued arrest warrants for the deputy Police Commissioner, Ambrosio Ogumoro, and the former attorney general turned fugitive, Edward Buckingham.

The Commonwealth Ports Authority's Police Chief, a Police Captain, and a ports Police Officer have already been arrested on charges related to the case.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says according to court sources, investigators from the Auditor's Office have evidence that suggests Mr Ogumoro and the former Governor Benigno Fitial, among others, shielded Mr Buckingham from being served a penal summons last year.

Mr Ogumoro is reported to be in Canada, while Mr Buckingham is thought to be in the US State of Iowa.

It is not known whether an arrest warrant has been issued for Mr Fitial who resigned from public office last month.

The Auditor's Office has refused to comment.