8 Mar 2013

Fiji police and regime refuse further comment on beating video

8:30 am on 8 March 2013

The Fiji police have revealed that the people seen beating two tied-up prison escapees in a video released on Tuesday are Fijian security personnel.

The nine-minute recording shows a group of men abusing two individuals and the licence plate of a pick-up truck, on which one of the tied-up men was beaten and stripped.

Megan Whelan reports

"The police statement, the second since the tape was released, says they reject calls for an independent investigation into the beating. They says it is normal practice for any government around the world to conduct its own investigations into such matters. The police say they will issue no further statement until the investigation is complete and its findings are released. The regime says it will be making no comment, and that it is taking its lead from the police. The government's spokesperson, Sharon Smith Johns, says the government will not be responding to calls for an independent investigation."