7 Mar 2013

Sport: Pacific Games Council expects drugs testing to be thorough at Mini Games

12:08 pm on 7 March 2013

The Pacific Games Council says drug-testing standards in the region continue to improve.

Council Executive Director Andrew Minogue is in Wallis and Futuna this week to check on preparations for the Mini Games being held in September.

A handful of medallists were found of guilty of doping at the Pacific Games in New Caledonia two years ago, and Minogue says testing methods are getting better.

"We get very good support from WADA through their Oceania branch. New Caledonia - the government there - put a lot of money into that program to make sure that the Games had a very solid testing regime applied to it. I think the same will be the case in Wallis and Futuna and I expect for future Games because I think host Governments, in particular, who are putting a lot of money into hosting the event, they want to make sure it is a clean event and a strong doping programme is put in place for those Games."