7 Mar 2013

NZ's Labour party seeks support in Parliament to condemn Fiji video

7:29 am on 7 March 2013

New Zealand's Opposition says countries in the Pacific region will expect meaningful action from the Fiji government in response to the brutal treatment of prisoners in Fiji as captured in a graphic video circulating on the internet.

The Labour Party is seeking cross party support in New Zealand's parliament to condemn the incident, in which escaped two Fiji men are beaten and tortured.

Fiji police have ordered a thorough investigation but Labour's Foreign Affairs spokesperson Phil Goff wants to also see Fiji's government ensure those responsible are held to account.

Mr Goff says most New Zealanders who see the footage would be appalled at the calculated assaults.

"While this will be a decision I think by people that go to Fiji rather than by governments, there will be many people that love to holiday in Fiji who will look at this and say do I really want to be associated with a regime that allows these sort of things to happen in their country?"

Phil Goff