7 Mar 2013

Shock and outrage over beatings video among people in Fiji

5:12 am on 7 March 2013

Reports from Fiji say people are shocked and outraged by a graphic video of beatings allegedly dished out by Fiji security forces.

A human rights activist Shamima Ali says her group, the NGO Coalition on Human Rights, has been inundated with messages.

She says some people are traumatised by the footage.

Our correspondent in Fiji, Ricardo Morris, says the video spread quickly and the shock was quite palpable among people in Fiji.

He says people are so outraged they have not hesitated to discuss it publicly.

"Even out on the streets you could see people huddled in groups looking at the video on mobile phones, discussing it, standing on the sidewalks, on the radio, talkback shows. It seems that this is different this time around. People are so shocked and outraged they are not hesitating to discuss it."

Fiji journalist Ricardo Morris.