6 Mar 2013

Fiji human rights watchdog says police inquiry into beatings not enough

1:58 pm on 6 March 2013

A Fiji human rights group is calling for a public inquiry into the prolonged beating of two men in Fiji, recorded on video and released on the internet.

A spokesperson for the NGO Coalition on Human Rights, Shamima Ali, says the investigation that Fiji police have promised is not enough and the government should set up an independent inquiry involving civilians.

She says an independent medical report should also be prepared.

Ms Ali says the authorities' promises to investigate earlier alleged assaults by security forces have come to nothing in the past.

"We are saying that police can carry on their investigations and bring their officers to task if they are involved in this but the public enquiry offers more transparency and also for the people to see that justice is being done because too many of these things are happening."

Shamima Ali says there has been an outpouring of shock and people in Fiji are traumatised by the footage.

She says her organisation has been indundated with calls from people wanting action.