5 Mar 2013

Further call on PNG goverment to end sorcery-related violence

1:07 pm on 5 March 2013

The Churches Medical Council of Papua New Guinea has called on the government to act to set an end to sorcery-related killings.

The Council's chairman, Wallace Kintak, has told the Post Courier that even educated citizens and Christians who are supposed to advise and do the right thing in their communities are being led into these superstitious beliefs.

Mr Kintak added that many innocent lives are being lost in the rural areas, and church health services see many victims of sorcery-related physical abuse.

He also says he wonders why the Constitutional Law Reform Commission, who has held consultations to review the Sorcery Act, has not presented its findings to Parliament.

He says the government needs to pass the law so that every sorcery related incident can be indicted.

The abuse was highlighted last month when a young woman in Mt Hagen was stripped, tortured and burned alive before a crowd of onlookers after she was accused of using sorcery to kill a six year-old boy.