4 Mar 2013

Solomon Islands attorney general says teachers shouldn't sue

7:58 pm on 4 March 2013

The Attorney-General of Solomon Islands, Billy Titulu, says the government will defend any court proceedings brought against it by the country's teachers union.

The National Teachers Association, or SINTA, plans suing the government over the non-payment of teachers' re-levelling dues, which were promised after the last teachers strike in February.

But Mr Titulu says the government will be paying teachers on Thursday, and court proceedings may mean it takes longer for them to be paid.

"Should the government pay at this stage or wait for the court proceedings to conclude. If they decide to go on and ask for it in the court, well the government will probably wait until the court proceedings conclude before they make that payment. So, it's up to them which one they want. I don't see legal proceedings as a healthy way of having the issue resolved."

The Solomon Islands Attorney-general, Billy Titulu.