4 Mar 2013

Solomon Islands teachers to sue government over outstanding pay

2:27 pm on 4 March 2013

The Solomon Islands National Teachers Association, or SINTA, is taking the government to court over the non-payment of teachers' re-levelling dues.

The decision was made at a meeting with teachers in Honiara on Friday.

The President of SINTA, Samson Faisi, says lawyers have provided legal advice and the teachers have decided to sue the government.

Mr Faisi says calling a strike now would not be effective because the final re-levelling pay day is March the 21st.

He says if the rest of the money is not paid by then, there will be a new strike.

"If the government fails to pay up the remaining arrears again and we issue another strike it will just be a waste of time and money. So we're just waiting for that final date and if the government doesn't pay the arrears as well as the remaining re-levelling to teachers then we (will) issue an immediate strike notice."

The Government is refusing to comment, but in a statement last week said it is committed to paying the teachers their money.