4 Mar 2013

Fiji allegations over proposed party signatures was sabotage says Suva business owner

2:11 pm on 4 March 2013

A Suva business owner at the centre of allegations of fraud around the collection of signatures for the proposed Fiji Labour Party says a police investigation has found nothing untoward.

The Fiji Sun newspaper reports people complaining that an unemployed man paid by Anendra Prasad went door-to-door posing as a census officer and as an employee of the prime minister's office in order to obtain their signatures.

But Mr Prasad says the man, who is named Surendra, made it clear to people that he was representing the proposed Fiji Labour Party and a police investigation has confirmed that.

"Suren was locked up in the cell for one day, for one night, sorry and Saturday around five o'clock officers told us that everything's cleared, because they have gone house to house asking people and people have said Suren told them that he was from Fiji Labour Party."

Anendra Prasad says the people who complained about Surendra were set up to do so in a bid to discredit the proposed Fiji Labour Party.