1 Mar 2013

Solomons quake victims at risk of severe weather

3:37 pm on 1 March 2013

The Solomon Islands Disaster Management Office says heavy rain and a possible cyclone are hindering efforts to secure safe shelter for the 3,000 people still living in tents after last month's disaster.

Ten people died when a magnitude 8 earthquake and tsunami hit the Santa Cruz islands in early February.

A programme officer, Sipuru Rove, says relief teams have been visiting camps of people still living under canvas in the hills to try to tie down tarpaulins more securely as the heavy cloud system builds up.

"This will be very big trouble especially for communities still living in tents. There is a cloud system that is still covering the Solomon Islands and from what we've received so far it might build up to a serious cyclone."

Sipuru Rove says steady rain over the past week has also led to all flights between Lata and Honiara being cancelled.