1 Mar 2013

Tahiti anti-decolonisation side poised to alert UN

1:56 pm on 1 March 2013

Pro-autonomy parties in French Polynesia want to turn to the UN secretary-general in a bid to stop the decolonisation campaign by the territory's president, Oscar Temaru.

A draft letter says his bid lacks any democratic legitimacy as only the Polynesian people has the legitimacy to express itself on the matter.

It says Mr Temaru wasn't elected as the expressed wish of the people but amid special circumstances in the assembly.

The draft letter, however, also says the territory is governed freely and democratically.

Mr Temaru is in New York to lobby for the UN General Assembly to adopt a resolution which would re-inscribe the territory on the UN decolonisation list.

He says the resolution is being finalised and to be put to the UN this month after further informal talks.

France's representative at the UN has told the ABC that Mr Temaru is using the UN as part of the election campaign.

France removed French Polynesia, which was annexed in 1880, from the UN list in 1947 without consulting the population.

Mr Temaru has been campaigning for its re-listing for more than 30 years.