1 Mar 2013

Samoa chief open to casino discussions

11:08 am on 1 March 2013

The chief of a Samoan village being considered for a new casino says he is open to further discussions on the idea.

The Chinese company Exhibition Tourism Group, which has been awarded one of two casino licences in Samoa, is looking at land from three villages to establish a new casino.

The Paramount Chief of Mulivaitoa Safata says a planning committee has visited a site owned by the Roman Catholic church.

Letoa-Su'atele Manufegi says preliminary discussions have been held on the possibility of building a casino there.

"I don't want to speak on speculative terms on the situation. But I'll be very happy if they approach me then I will have a very informed meeting with our community but this time I don't have any proposal, I don't have any official saying about this."

Letoa-Su'atele Manufegi says nothing has been finalised and says the casino planning committee has not indicated when it will make a final decision.