28 Feb 2013

Solomons teachers will strike unless paid today

2:29 pm on 28 February 2013

Teachers in Solomon Islands will strike next week if the government fails to pay money owed to them by today.

Last week, the National Teachers Association, or SINTA, threatened to strike after the pay, which was promised in an agreement after a series of strikes last month, failed to appear.

However, the government says it is committed to paying the teachers their re-levelling dues.

But SINTA's President, Samson Faisi, says that teachers have been lied to and deceived by the ministry and they just want what is owed to them.

"We will not buy whatever excuses the government is giving at the moment. Our lawyers have already given them, on Wednesday, a letter to say that they have now breached the agreement that was signed, and the government's Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education also agreed with that. So what we are doing now is, we'll call for that AGM tomorrow and then we'll issue that strike notice."

Samson Faisi says the government's offer to pay the re-levelling dues by the next pay day is unacceptable.