28 Feb 2013

Samoa NGO asks government to help control stray dogs

5:20 am on 28 February 2013

An animal welfare group in Samoa says it needs government help in order to lower the number of stray dogs roaming the streets of Apia.

The Manager of the Animal Protection Society, Falele Leah Smith, says the society is running de-sexing programmes that are making a difference, but government funding will allow them to intensify their efforts and build a new pound to hold the strays.

She also wants legislation to enforce dog registration.

Falele Leah Smith says the funding and legislation were discussed in Parliament last year, but the Society still hasn't heard of any outcome.

"Things in Samoa do move slowly and the animal issues here in Samoa is a very low priority. So, really it's up to the APS to do what we can for the betterment of our people as well as the animals."

Falele Leah Smith of Samoa's Animal Protection Society