27 Feb 2013

Vanuatu opposition points to corruption in scholarship system

3:02 pm on 27 February 2013

Vanuatu's opposition leader says many students who have qualified for tertiary scholarships for overseas study have missed out because the places have gone to people with connections to the government.

He says one cabinet minister, whom he will not name, sent two children to Fiji, using scholarship funds, to undertake the foundation study done before commencing university courses.

Edward Natapei says this is normally done in Vanuatu and paid for by the families.

And he says the rights to scholarships of a number of students with excellent marks have been ignored.

"In favour of students with lower marks but because they are children from some of the political leaders, government ministers, and leaders in the country. They have been given the scholarship in the place of those who deserved it."

Vanuatu's opposition leader Edward Natapei.