27 Feb 2013

Tahiti decolonisation polemics continue

7:10 pm on 27 February 2013

French Polynesia's ruling Tavini Huiraatira party says the opposition's Edouard Fritch is too early to rejoice that he cannot find Maohi Nui on the UN decolonisation list.

The Tavini has issued a statement, saying only the UN can determine who will be re-inscribed on the list and French Polynesia's case is being examined.

Amid a continued robust exchange over the Tavini leader Oscar Temaru's decolonisation bid, the party says New Caledonia was reinscribed on the list against the wishes of France and without the explicit backing of the population.

It also says those who opt for continued colonisation deliberately mix up the reinscription process and independence.

Mr Temaru is in New York for the third time in less than three months to lobby for UN members' support.

Some of his anti-independence rivals in Tahiti have approached the French President and the UN, expressing outrage at what they say is Mr Temaru's abuse of his own people.