25 Feb 2013

Fatty meat creeping back into Fiji despite ban

4:02 pm on 25 February 2013

The author of a study on the use of trade policy as a way of improving diet and health in the Pacific says although imports of the fattiest meat are banned in Fiji, they are still entering the country.

Anne Marie Thow says her study found that a ban on the importation of turkey tails in Samoa has resulted in people replacing them with healthier meat or eating less meat altogether.

But Dr Thow says in Fiji, although a ban on imports of mutton flaps from New Zealand was imposed in 2000, after five years they became available again.

"It could be that they were coded differently when they arrived in Fiji so maybe they were slightly different cuts that included the flaps but also more meat or it could be that it was challenging to enforce the ban."

Anne Marie Thow says Fiji's health ministry is investigating her study's findings.