25 Feb 2013

Samoa government justifies vehicle upgrades

1:24 pm on 25 February 2013

Samoa's Ministry of Agriculture's chief executive officer says a bull bar was added to his government car for safety reasons.

The opposition Tautua Samoa Party says too much taxpayer's money is being spent on accessories for government vehicles, mainly by chief executives.

The Tautua leader, Palusalue Faaopo II, says thousands could be saved if spending for government vehicles was looked at more closely.

But the ministry's CEO Fonoiava Sealiitu Sesega says it's likely add-ons to cars can be justified.

"It's for safety reasons. But I also know of one CEO who has tinted windows but he did it specifically for a purpose, for secruity. He has some issues with the public and he actually put on a private license so that this guy is not spotted or identified by people."

Fonoiava Sealiitu Sesega says he enforces a strict policy that cars must be used for work purposes only.