25 Feb 2013

American Samoa government payroll still with Bank of Hawaii

11:27 am on 25 February 2013

The American Samoa government will still be using the Bank of Hawaii for its payroll functions, even thought the bank is closing down in American Samoa.

Treasurer Falema'o Phil Pili said the ASG payroll will remain with BOH for a few months but all other ASG accounts such as the General Fund and grant

check accounts will be moved to ANZ Bank.

Falema'o said ANZ Bank does not have the capacity to take over the government's payroll at this time. He said ASG is now negotiating with a

third party provider to do ASG's payroll account.

Regarding grant funding, the treasurer said grantors have been made aware of the fact that ANZ is not a US bank and they raised some real concerns.

He said ASG has assured them that ANZ bank is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the FDIC.

Last Friday, BOH stopped accepting loan applications and the opening of new accounts.

Customers are still able to utilize their accounts until March 15, at which time BOH branches in Utulei and Tafuna will close for good.AC